Sunday, October 14, 2012

Annemie’s first birthday

Annemie turned 1 on 13 October. 

P1010724 - CopyP1010726 - Copy

We celebrated it at our house, with a big feast that Thelwyn and Frans had prepared. 

P1010735 - CopyP1010736 - CopyP1010738 - Copy

Our little one year old in her polka dot dress, awaiting the guests.  She seemed to know that the fuss was about her and she enjoyed every minute.  (She has been walking since 10 ½  months.)

P1010741 - Copy

Martelize and Franco and the other friends admiring the polka dot cake.

P1010742 - Copy

Janita looking forward to the jellies that Martelize had made. 

P1010746 - Copy

Frans lit the number 1 candle…

P1010743 - CopyP1010744 - Copy - Copy

while Annemie looked on.  The candle certainly got her attention! 

P1010752 - Copy

The happy family: Martelize (4), Frans, Annemie (1) and Thelwyn

P1010757 - Copy

Franco and Janita headed for the rocks to eat their party packs.

P1010753 - Copy

The “grown-ups’” table – with only half of the food out yet. 

P1010760 - CopyP1010761 - Copy

Annemie with Oom Hendrik. 

P1010762 - Copy

“Look my brand new first tooth!”

P1010776 - Copy

The weather was glorious and the children played outside with a ball.  They also had a great time on the climbing frame and the trampoline. 

P1010763 - Copy

Annemie loved her gifts – this push school bag was from the L’s.  Now she has a bag just like her Ousus and her cousins. 

P1010766 - Copy

A soft doggy elicits a beautiful smile and a hug.

P1010769 - Copy

She is already a little bookworm.

P1010779 - CopyP1010772

Playing with her gifts – and the tablecloth weights!  P1010789 - Copy

But Zaran is the best toy of all!

P1010781 - Copy

We had an unexpected visitor: a huge tortoise.  He was the largest tortoise we had even seen on the farm and of course all these animal lover children were ecstatic!  He did not stay long though – he soon disappeared  into the bush. 

P1010796 - Copy

Dankie Mamma vir ‘n baie lekker partytjie! 

Thank you God for my brown eyed girls and all our family.  And thank you for such special occasions!  Thank you for giving us Annemie:  she is such a little ray of sunshine! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking after Martelize and Annemie

The week after our Namibia holiday, we looked after the two H’s as Thelwyn went to Fauresmith for the National Endurance Ride.  (Sadly her horse became lame and she was unable to complete this tough course.  A real pity after she had worked so hard!  But there you have it: sport is sport and accidents can always happen.)

At home we had fun with the two H granddaughters. P1010502


Martelize loved playing with my bag of potatoes. They could transform from bird’s eggs to ice-creams. Jan’s grandmother’s silver bowl was just the right container for them!



Annemie  8 1/2 months and Martelize nearly 4 years. 


One morning Annemie only ate about half of her cereal.  Silly me left the bowl with the left overs on a side table in the sitting-room.  This is the scene that greeted me a little while later:


Annemie had found the bowl and spoon-fed herself the rest!  At 8 months a bit of a mess is to be expected, but neat little Annemie used the cloth on the side table as a serviette…

Jan went to fetch the two L’s to join in the fun.  We were so busy, there wasn’t time for photos!  To get all five of them ready for playschool was quite a challenge!  (My friend Jessie and I have a small play group at Camp Reynard next door.)


The following day, we all went to Pretoria zoo.  Janita is standing in front of Franco, with Surprise and Tannie Jessie next to him and Tabihle and Martelize at the back. 


Martelize, Janita, Surprise and Jessie


Janita, 2 years and 3 months.  She walked all the way up to the lions and back and never complained!  Quite a long and steep walk for such a little one!  Only right at the end of our tour did we put her in the pram and Annemie onto my back!


Franco, 4 years 2 months was disappointed that the lions were in their cage under the road – we could hear, but not see them!


A special treat was a ride in the zoo train. 


Frans and Annemie

P1010553 - Copy

The family came for a braai to celebrate my birthday.


Dorette with the Breytenbach “crystal”.

P1010556 - Copy



My precious darlings!  8 July 2012

P1010570 - Copy

Thelwyn with Martelize on Jessica.

P1010573 - Copy

Thank you God for my darling, darling grandchildren!  Bless them and keep them safe. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Namibia tour: Days 9-12: Agama, Sossusvlei, Namtib, Oas

En route from Swakopmund to Agama camp.

P1010348_thumbP1010353 - Copy_thumbP1010363 - Copy_thumbP1010375 - Copy_thumbP1010377_thumb

The sunset at Agama. This was a very clean and neat camp in the desert. We especially loved the roofless bathroom – they certainly do not expect a lot of rain there!

P1010384 - Copy_thumbP1010391 - Copy_thumb

We drove through to Sossusvlei the next morning – not as early as our camp neighbours who aimed to catch the sunrise there. The arid landscape was pretty much the same as the day before, but then suddenly we saw the first red dunes. Gene did the 4 x4 thing and got us safely through the sand until Dead Vlei.

P1010398 - Copy_thumb

Anne, Gene and Lalie hiking to Dead Vlei.

P1010401 - Copy_thumb

Anne at Dead Vlei

P1010405 - Copy_thumb

Jan and I scrambled up the side of the dune. Was it ever steep! And the sand was so loose that we had to scramble up the last bit on all fours!

P1010411 - Copy_thumb[1]

My red face says it all – I was exhausted, but it was well worth our while!

P1010414 - Copy_thumb

Gene going back after taking beautiful pictures of the Dead Vlei

P1010403 - Copy_thumb

Lalie on her way back

P1010418 - Copy_thumb[1]

Jan coming down – walking down the ridge was much, much easier than going up the side of the dune!

P1010424 - Copy_thumbP1010431 - Copy_thumb

At Sossusvlei itself – lovely shiny water in the middle of the desert! P1010433 - Copy_thumb

After Sossusvlei we travelled down the loveliest road in Namibia: the D707 along the Tiras mountains. We struggled to get hold of a campsite, We had hoped to sleep at Koiimasis, but they never answered their phone! When Anne finally got hold of a site called Namtib, they lady said we couldn’t possibly make it there in the afternoon – we HAD to travel the road in the daytime because it was so beautiful. As it turned out, we did arrive at the camp after dark, but could easily pitch tents in the moonlight. The only light in the bathroom was a candle, but the water in the donkey was still nice and hot.

P1010441 - Copy_thumb

Jan and Gene – we did not have as many campfires and we had hoped to have: the camper was packed to capacity and there wasn’t space for wood. Sad smile

P1010443 - Copy_thumbP1010445 - Copy_thumbP1010446 - Copy_thumbP1010447 - Copy_thumbP1010449 - Copy_thumbP1010452 - Copy_thumbP1010455 - Copy_thumb

Early the next morning Jan and I scrambled up the irresistible rocky hill. How I wished that we could stay there longer! These rocks were easier to navigate than the extra large ones at Spitskoppe. It was FUN!

P1010456 - Copy_thumbP1010460 - Copy_thumb

En route to Karasburg to pick up our bakkie. P1010466 - Copy_thumbP1010467 - Copy_thumb

We drove along a road that is not on most maps…

P1010471 - Copy_thumb

Outside Karasburg – on our way to our last camp in Namibia and this time in our own bakkie. With the new engine, we had to drive @ 80km per hour, but seeing that we were going to drive on dirt roads, this did not really bother us.

God, please bless Kobus and his work shop and all the people of Karasburg. Thank you for the good roads of Namibia that made it possible for us to see your creation.